Poetry &

Call for Papers

Papers are invited which consider the theme of politics in relation to poetry from classical antiquity to the contemporary. The following list suggests some possible areas for development, but proposals in any area relating to the conference theme of poetry and politics will be welcome:

The politics of stratifications and hierarchies based on constructions of race, class, age, religion, gender or physical / mental ability; notions of the public and the private; the figure of the exile; the politics of dialect and ‘non-standard’ English; the protest song; prophets and seers; the figure of the committed poet; patriotism and nationalism; globalisation and parochialism; the politics of landscape and environmentalism; mythopoeia; conservatism and radicalism; the politics of tradition; the politics of reading and teaching poetry; the politics of language and the ineffable; the politics of translation; sites of protest, such as the coffee house, the tavern or the rock concert; modes of protest; popular dissent and politics; scurrilous verse and libel; patronage and politics; poetry and religious politics.

Our deadline for submissions has now expired. We are delighted with the number and quality of proposals we have received and thank everyone concerned for their support of the event.